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Camrose Primary School

Mother's Day

Reception pupils held a tea party to celebrate Mother's Day

Reception held a Mother’s Day tea party to celebrate all the amazing things that our Mummy’s do for us.
We linked this afternoon with ‘Women’s Day’, so that if a mummy couldn’t attend, then a sister, aunty or grandma would be very welcome. It was a fantastic opportunity to come together as a school community and celebrate this important event.

We sang a song together, presented our butterfly dance, shared food and drinks, did craft activities together, iced and decorated biscuits, socialised together and had a little dance.

We all had a fantastic time and enjoyed spending quality time together as well as building up home and school relationships.


Parent Voice

“The whole atmosphere was delightful and welcoming, a great gift from the teachers and children for Mother’s Day” – Patrick’s mum.

“We were very impressed with a Mother’s Day tea party! It was such an emotional moment to spend time with our children at school. Thank you to all the teachers!” Philip’s mum.

“I really loved the idea of celebrating Mother's Day. Thank you so much for making us feel special.”

“Today was an amazing experience. It made me proud to be a mum. Thank you for this wonderful experience. Thank you all teachers for a great day!”

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