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Camrose Primary School

Be A Role Model

character rolemodel

Children learn from copying the behaviours of those they see around them.  As a parent, practitioner or adult who is in close contact with children it is important that the behaviours they see and copy are positive.

As a role model allow children to see adults:

  • Eating fruit and vegetables at snack time
  • Being involved in active play and physical sessions
  • Participating in family meal times
  • Modelling skills such as throwing, jumping, balancing and sharing
  • Food shopping and preparing food
  • Enjoying being active and having fun

As a role model encourage and support children by:

  • Encouraging them to learn to eat a variety of foods
  • Praise them when they try a new activity or food
  • Talk to them about food and making healthy choices
  • Encourage them to play with others.
  • Involving children in food shopping, food preparation and meal times.
  • Help them to find activities they enjoy and to understand the importance of moving.

Do it together

If we are trying to change children’s behaviours then it is important to do it together.  Remember it only takes a little to achieve a lot and it is easy to introduce healthy eating and activity behaviours into routines so that they become part of your everyday life.