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Camrose Primary School


The ‘Good to be Green’ scheme is an effective way of promoting positive behaviour, rewarding those pupils who consistently behave appropriately, and is a means of being able to track those pupils who find it harder to meet the school’s respectful behaviour expectations. (see Behaviour Policy).

The scheme is very visual, with child friendly resources which allow our pupils to easily see how they are doing in class. We believe that it is important to promote a positive message regarding behaviour management at all times- ‘Good to be Green’ is a means of promoting our high expectations of positive behaviour. If a child has had a bad day, they can start afresh the following day.

Every child starts their day on a positive note with a green card displayed in their pocket of the Class Chart. The card says- ‘It’s Good to be Green!’ and the children soon learn to associate being on Green with a feeling of having done the right thing. If they are still on Green by the end of the day, the child ticks their name on the class chart.

If, during the day, in lessons, or around the school, a child has to be warned of inappropriate behaviour, or has broken a school rule, then an Amber Warning Card will be displayed over the top of the Green card. The warning gives the child the opportunity to reflect, consider and review their behaviour. If a child is already on an Amber Warning Card, and they have to be told again of inappropriate behaviour, then there are consequences.

The Aim:

The Good to be Green Behaviour system is for monitoring and responding to behaviour in class, in assembly and at school events. It is not for the playground.

The objective is for each child to stay green all week.

Each child has a named pocket with between 3 & 5 coloured cards. (depending on age)

The first card is green and is always displayed at the beginning of the day.

The aim is that most children will stay ‘Green’ all day.

Children who stay on a green card all day are recorded on the class behaviour chart.

Children who stay on a green for 80% of the week receive a certificate from the teacher.

A display board shows the pupils who have remained on Green all week and their achievement is celebrated during our fortnightly Celebration assembly.

Verbal Warnings

  • Children in Reception and Years 1 receive 3 verbal warning before their card is turned.
  • Children in Years 2,3 & 4 should receive 2 verbal warnings before their card is turned.
  • Children in Years 5 & 6 should receive a single warning.

The Card System

  • Green Card = Good Behaviour
  • Amber Card = Verbal Warning
  • Blue Card = Lose 10 minutes of morning play
  • Yellow Card = Go to Phase Leader
  • Red Card = Go to DH / HT – put in Time Out and a letter will be sent home