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Camrose Primary School

Core Subject Support

Maths, Writing and Reading GLD Workshop for all Parents

  • We looked at the ELG expectations for writing, reading and maths.
  • We discussed the EYFSP assessment process and what pupils need to achieve to reach GLD
  • We modelled teaching a maths, reading and writing lesson.
  • We discussed the importance of daily reading (only 3 out of 37 parents read daily)
  • We modelled how to use the marking policy and trained parents on the symbols.
  • We modelled how pupils self-assess to improve their writing.
  • We shared resources to support with maths expectations.
  • We shared and modelled reading strategies to decode words and discussed comprehension expectations.

Parent feedback:

  • “I always attend these workshops because in this way we know where we start; looking forward to more”
  • “It was amazing thank you so much.”
  • “Thank you was very helpful, more workshops about reading
  • “It was a perfect workshop”
  • “Thank you, very useful”