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The Camrose Plan – as It Stands At The Moment


Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you for your continued patience; we are now in a position to provide initial details about how we will organise the ‘gradual and phased’ return to school at Camrose Primary.

As I am sure you will appreciate we are currently dealing with a complex and rapidly changing situation. My priority will always be the health and safety of the pupils and staff in our school. Now, more than ever, this remains our primary focus.

This is an entirely unprecedented situation, and we are following official advice from the government and public health authorities. We are monitoring and responding to that as it is published. This official advice will underpin all the actions we take.

There will be a point when we will ask all children to return to school, but now is not that time. At present, as of 1st June (subject to Government guidance), we are asking for the pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 to return, however we urge you to look carefully at the information laid out below and make a decision that feels right for you and your family. 

We know that everyone is dealing with different circumstances and if you do not feel comfortable sending your child to school at this this point in time, know that they are welcome to re-join us whenever you feel confident in making that decision. Please note there will not be fines for non-attendance.

We will confirm the start date for the above pupils once the Government have made their planned announcement on the 28th May via the parent app.


A Phased and Gradual Return

The phased return at Camrose Primary has been mapped out based on:

Our Core and Guiding Principles

  • Keep pupils safe and support well-being
  • Keep staff safe and support well-being
  • Government guidelines
  • Physical environment
  • Staff availability
  • An attempt to consider families and sibling connections across the school
  • What other local schools are offering.


How we plan to reduce numbers and minimise contact across the school

Provision for Nursery, years 2, 3, 4 & 5 will remain as it is with on-line learning provided via our school website –


The phased on-site offer will initially be available for:

•                Year 6

•                Year 1

•                Reception


These year groups will have a blended offer that initially includes:

  • 2 days on site and a scaled back offer for home learning.

Pupils across the school will be split into 2 Groups. Siblings will always be on the same days.

Further details of your child’s group and timetabling will be sent on Friday 22nd May to individual families via a letter to your home address.


  • Group A = who can attend school on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Group B = who can attend school on  Thursdays and Fridays
  • Group C = children of Key workers and pupils deemed more vulnerable

Please note that the school is closed to ALL pupils and staff each Wednesday to allow for a deep clean between pupil groups.

When in school, the children will be split into “set groups” of 5 pupils and 1 adult for Reception and Year 1 pupils and 15 pupils with 1 adult for Year 6 pupils.

Two groups of 5 pupils will stay in their own allocated classroom throughout the day and work with the same allocated adult to minimise cross-over and contact between pupils wherever possible. Year 6 pupil groups (of 15) will stay in their allocated classroom also.

Other Considerations:

  • We will do as much outdoor learning as possible and minimise where we can, the passing of equipment between children within the group.
  • Groups will have individual sets of equipment and will be encouraged to wipe down any equipment they use as they go. Year 6 are encouraged to bring their own pencil cases and leave them at school, in their personal tray.
  • Timetables will be staggered to avoid crossover at playtimes and lunchtimes
  • The lunch offer will be a bagged, packed lunch style meal. This is to remove the need to queue for lunch and limit cross contamination through tray and cutlery use. The dining hall will be sectioned into 2 parts with no more than 15 pupils using each section at any one time. (government guidance recommends reducing capacity in dining areas to 50% - we are reducing it to 25%).
  • We will set up staggered starts and ends to the day to limit contact between families
  • No parents are permitted on-site without a prearranged appointment – this must be made via email or phone to the school office. (This feels very unfriendly, but a precaution to limit the number of adults in the building.)
  • All parents are asked to social distance when waiting to drop and collect. Details of allocated drop off and collection points are listed within the year group letters sent home.
  • All pupils will be asked to walk themselves in from the gate and hand sanitise prior to entering the school building. Gates will be supervised by a member of staff.
  • Regular wiping of contact points throughout the day, in addition to the daily cleaning regime in all spaces, will take place.
  • Hand sanitiser, hand soap and hot water will be available throughout the school and in all individual classrooms.
  • Reception and Year 1 pupils do not bring bags into school.
  • Coats and packed lunches will be brought into classrooms and kept with individuals.
  • Pupils will be expected to wear uniform but can wear trainers - we encourage you to wash clothes every evening.
  • We will not be changing for PE so sports kits are not needed.
  • Staff dress code will be relaxed so that they can wear items that can be washed regularly
  • Children will be washing their hands A LOT!

How we plan to support our learners (emotionally and academically)

We do not underestimate the challenge we face settling our children back into school, especially the very youngest.

So the staff will plan for an alternative curriculum putting lots of emphasis on emotional well-being as children re-join.

What we cannot do

It’s also important that we manage expectations from the beginning. We are keen not to over promise and ensure we start slowly. Whilst we appreciate that 2 days a week for some will be inconvenient, we need to make sure we work within capacity and ensure that there is a system that will work if/when the government decide to increase the number of year groups able to re-join us. We will be continually reviewing the provision that we can offer.

When your children are with us we will do all we can to maintain the systems and guidance linked to distancing and hygiene. The official advice is that currently, face coverings are not required in schools. However, if you feel more comfortable sending your child to school wearing a face covering, that is not an issue. The same is true for staff who are also permitted to wear face coverings if they wish to.

Please feel free to send your child into school wearing a face covering but be aware that staff WILL NOT be responsible for ensuring children keep their face covering on throughout the day.

Our playgrounds and the field will be zoned. Lunchtime and breaks will be staggered. There will be enough space so that there will not need to be cross-over between groups of children. They can then run and play and get plenty of fresh air.

We are aware that the offer we have set out will not work for everyone and may not feel ideal. It is a best fit model designed with pupil safety and family work commitments in mind. We are taking small steps and the initial plan is for just the first 2 weeks (which currently looks as though it will start on Monday 1st June).


Wrap Around Care and Extra Curricular Clubs

We are not currently in a position to offer these services safely at Camrose. There will be no breakfast, lunch time or after school clubs at the current time.


Key Worker pupils

School will continue to be run for pupils of key workers and those pupils deemed more vulnerable. We offer provision for these pupils on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (school is closed for ALL every Wednesday) between 8am – 3pm. Pupils who attend this group WILL NOT be able to join their peers. We recognise this may cause some frustration but we cannot risk pupils mixing at this point.


If you are a Key worker and your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 6, you will need to decide which group you want your child to join. They cannot move between their class group and the key worker group as we have to avoid cross-over between pupils. It is for parents to weigh up if they want their child in with their peer group or to have access to more days on site due to work commitments as an essential worker.


Parents of pupils in year


Currently there have been no details set by the Government of plans for these year groups to return. We will keep you updated if this changes. We understand that pupils in these year groups will need, more than ever, to feel included in our school. We understand that many of you are feeling a sense of frustration as home learning is set to continue. We know that even the best ‘home-school teachers’ cannot replicate the feeling and education provided at school.

Finally, please remember this is an interim plan until we get further advice from the government. We shall up-date the website with current information as soon as we receive it.

Again, I thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Take care and stay safe.



Mrs S Crick


Camrose Primary