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Camrose Primary School

Creative Days

Camrose Mental Health and Well-Being Day

To celebrate and stress the importance of mental health and wellbeing we focused our Creative Day on this exact theme; looking in particular at ways to help support your own mental health and wellbeing.

Pupils were asked to 'Dress to Express' wearing clothing that expressed how they felt.

Throughout the day pupils took part in a range of activities focused on self-help and the support of others. In addition, each class was given a canvas and asked to visually represent a specific aspect of self-care which we have used to create a gallery. 

This is not only a reflection of what the children learnt but also a visual reminder for them about self-care and ways to relax and recharge.

Below are the individual themes and canvases each class created.

Reception pupils
Go for a walk
Class 1AM
Drink plenty of water






Class 1AM
Read a book










Class 2JJ
Wear your favourite clothes


Class 2GH
Go to the park
Class 3KP
With someone a compliment















Class 3BO
Eat your favourite food
Class 4IJ
Deep breathing
Class 4IN
Catch up with friends















Class 5RM
Do some yoga
Class 5AC
Listen to music












Class 6SR
Play some games
Class 6HH
Have a NO social media day