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What are the Main Changes?

The table below summarises the main changes in the core subjects covered by the National Curriculum.


What’s new?


  • Stronger emphasis on vocabulary development, grammar, punctuation and spelling (for example, the use of commas and apostrophes will be taught in KS1)
  • Handwriting – not currently assessed under the national curriculum – is expected to be fluent, legible and speedy
  • Spoken English has a greater emphasis, with children to be taught debating  and presenting skills


  • Number work will progress from Year 1, who are expected to learn to count up to 100 to year 6 who work with numbers up to 10 million.
  • By the end of year 4 all children will be expected to know times tables up to 12x12.
  •  Problem solving enables children to apply the skills learns in different ways
  • Building mental arithmatic skills continues throughout the school.


  • Strong focus on scientific knowledge and language, rather than understanding the nature and methods of science in abstract terms
  • Evolution will be taught in primary schools for the first time
  • Non-core subjects like caring for animals will be replaced by topics like the human circulatory system

Design & Technology

  • Afforded greater importance under the new curriculum, setting children on the path to becoming the designers and engineers of the future
  • More sophisticated use of design equipment such as electronics and robotics
  • In KS2, children will learn about how key events and individuals in design and technology have shaped the world

Computing (ICT)


  • Currently not statutory, a modern foreign language or ancient language (Latin or Greek)will be mandatory in KS2
  • Children will be expected to master basic grammar and accurate pronunciation and to converse, present, read and write in the language

Pupils are proud of their school . . . pupils from different ethnic backgrounds get on well together. They value and respect each others heritage. Good behaviour and positive attitudes to learning help them to make good progress

Ofsted Mar 2013


National Curriculum 2014


From September 2014, the school will adopt and teach programmes of study set out in the National Curriculum (2014)

To make the aims and objectives of the 2014 Curriculum clearer to children, parents and staff we have created the following ‘Aims and Objectives’ document. This can be read by clicking on the link below:

Foundation subjects ‘Aims and Objectives’ National Curriculum 2014

English,Maths and Science Curriculum Map KS1 (Ages 5-7)

English, Maths and Science Curriculum Map KS2 (Ages 7-11)


To read the full programmes of study, for individual year groups and key stages, published by the Department of Education, for  the National Curriculum (2014), please click upon the links below:

English Programme of Study 2014

Mathematics Programme of Study 2014

Science Programme of Study 2014

To read the 2014 Curriculum in its entirety please click upon the link below:

National Curriculum 2014


Please contact the school office if you have any questions or require any information about the curriculum at Camrose.