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Camrose Primary School


Reading in the EYFS

     Reading in the EYFS begins with developing a love of books and stories. We place reading and books at the centre of our curriculum through our ‘Story of the week’ and a language rich curriculum. Phonics is taught daily in a fun and engaging way using the Jolly Phonics scheme. We promote reading skills in the EYFS through:

  • Each class has high quality book corners that are changed regularly to engage children.
  • ‘Story of the Week’ web links are shared with parents so they can read them in their home language before the children learn about the story at school,
  • Reading Readiness groups in reception,
  • Nuffield Language Programme,
  • Shared reading,
  • Regular 1:1 reading with adults,
  • Oral opportunities to respond to stories,
  • Visits to local libraries,
  • Modelling reading strategies to parents to encourage them to read at home with their children,
  • We invite parents in to observe a reading lesson to share strategies and model good practice,
  • Reading trains are sent home to develop children’s reading of high frequency words,
  • Use of story sacks to enhance reading,
  • Speaking and Listening opportunities in all areas of learning and throughout free flow learning to compliment understanding of reading,
  • High quality learning environments that provide a wide range of opportunities to apply reading skills both indoors and outdoors.