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Primary School


Achievement, Behaviour and Curriculum Committee:

Mrs J Allen  (Chair)

Mrs A Brightwell

Mrs D Cawthorne

Mrs S Crick

Mrs T Chapman

Mrs K Hoptroff

Mrs K Hill

Mrs T Chapman


Finance and Resources

Mrs A Preotescu  (Chair)

Mrs S Crick

Mrs D Cawthorne

Mrs J Allen

Mr Y Yusuf

Mrs C Ashton (Finance Officer)




Mrs D Cawthorne

Mrs J Allen

Mrs J Fortune


Discipline/Exclusion Appeals panel:

The following governors have completed the training for this:

Mrs J Fortune

Mrs K Hill

Mrs D Cawthorne


Head Teacher’s Performance Management Review

Mrs D Cawthorne, Mrs J Fortune and Mrs J Allen

Pay/Salary Review

Chair, Vice-Chair and two other Governors


As in previous years it was agreed that governors would make themselves available as and when necessary for the following panels:

Curriculum complaints

Parental complaints

Employee Grievance/Discipline

Employee Appeals


Designated Governors:

Health and Safety: Denise Cawthorne

Safeguarding: Karen Hill & Denise Cawthorne 

Equalities: Mr Yusuf

Enrichment: Mrs K Hoptroff

Pupil Voice: Ms S Patel


Linked Governors

Mrs D Cawthorne – Early Phase (EYFS - Year 1)

Mrs J Allen - Middle Phase (Years 2 - 4)

Mrs J Fortune - Upper Phase (Years 5 - 6)