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Camrose Primary School

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2


Book Bands

Children continue to read using the “Book Banded” system until they are assessed as being “Free Readers”. They will then have a choice of books to read from the classroom bookshelves or the school library.

Classroom Reading

Children in Key Stage 2 continue to read for a wide range of purposes. Every other half term, the Literacy work is based around a class text.

Children have weekly comprehension lessons, where skills such as prediction, inference, decoding, vocabulary, comprehension, authors intent and justifying ideas are modelled, reinforced, developed and extended.

Children also receive two “Focused Reading” sessions each week. This allows the class to study a piece of text together. A wide range of texts are examined - it could be a poem, a newspaper article, song lyrics, a letter or a story extract, to name just a few.

There is a weekly “USSR” session (Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading). This provides another opportunity for teachers to listen to individual readers.


Reading interventions take place throughout Key Stage 2 to accelerate the learning of those requiring extra support in reading. The “Scholastic Connectors” scheme is used as well as targeted comprehension support and phonics support as required by individuals and groups. There are also Higher Ability reading groups to further develop children’s reading comprehension skills.

Home Reading

We expect children to continue reading at home on a daily basis. Literacy homework is sometimes linked to a reading activity.

Children also receive “Reading Response” homework. This is a reading task to be done with a parent or carer at home. We ask parents/carers to then provide a written response to the class teacher about their child’s reading. This allows the school to develop the good partnership between the teacher, the home carer and the child and to improve reading comprehension skills.