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Dear Parents,


We have been asked to share the following information with you by Harrow Local Authority


Since the start of 2021, Harrow Council has been offering asymptomatic Covid testing to its residents.

To help control the virus, it is recommended that you and everyone in your household aged 11 and over test twice a week, with 3 or 4 days between each test.

You should test twice a week even if you work from home. You should test twice a week even if you have been vaccinated.

Testing is free, fast and safe.

Tests contain no animal products.

Testing should be used to protect your family alongside other Covid control measures - following all lock down restrictions, wearing a face covering, following social distancing rules and washing hands often. It’s vital you continue to observe these even when testing negative.

Please see the letter for parents linked below from Harrow council

Parent Letter about Lateral flow Testing