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Primary School

Hello students!

We hope you’re keeping well and enjoyed our first edition of From The Kitchen!

We have created some simple dishes you may like to try cooking together with your parents or carer at home. We’ve given you a suggestion for both breakfast and lunch every day, although you can easily make the lunchtime meal for dinner instead! These meals taste great and are packed full of the kinds of ingredients that help you feel energised throughout the day.

If you can’t find some of the ingredients we mention in the cupboard or fridge, don’t worry! We’ve given you other options you can substitute in. These are ideas and you can play around to make them work for you- get creative! Everyday we have ‘Nutrition and other Nuggets’ which includes some great facts on one of the ingredients featured in the day’s recipes that you may wish to tell your family all about at the dinner table when you tuck in.

Our chefs have been cooking up a storm this week for ‘chefs table’. Our chefs have been championing the banana! You’ll find a zero-waste banana skin curry, and everyone's favourite a bonkers banana cake. Looking for a side with that banana curry? Check out our super simple spring onion bhaji recipe. Don’t forget to send in your food photos for a chance at be crowned ‘home chef of the week’.

Happy Cooking and Happy Eating,


Your Kitchen Team


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