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Camrose Primary School

Mother's Day Workshop

Reception’s Mother’s Day Tea Party

Reception decided to do a Mother’s Day tea party to celebrate all the amazing things that our Mummy’s do for us.
We linked this afternoon with ‘Women’s Day’ so that if a mummy couldn’t attend then a sister, aunty or grandma was very welcome. It was a fantastic opportunity to invite members of our families back into school after the difficult times during Covid.
We sang a song together, shared food and drinks, iced and decorated biscuits together, socialised together and had a little dance.
We all had a fantastic time and enjoyed spending this quality time together and building up home and school relationships.


Parent Voice:

The best day ever! I feel so happy that the school made this beautiful tea party. Thank you so much, we had so much fun and can't wait for more!

Nadaya's mum

Parent Voice:

We all had a wonderful time. The song was heart melting and the dancing was so much fun. So much credit to the staff for running around and delivering the event.

After Covid-19 and not having the opportunity to go into schools and nurseries, this was a wonderful, welcome opportunity to have time with my son and build the school community.

Ana-Yin's mum

Parent voice:

I have been coming to school for years and I had the most wonderful experience. The teachers made me feel really special and after a few difficult years this was a really amazing effort made by the school. My daughter really feels special and I'm sure she will not forget this occasion.

Airah's mum

Parent Voice:

Today's tea party was beautiful, to say the least. Seeing Hyre sing so happily made my day. Lots of lovely tears, lots of happy children, a lot of effort has been made for today and it paid off. Many thanks to all of the amazing teachers.

Hyre's mum