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Primary School

Parents Educating Parents (PEP)


​We'd like to introduce our parent volunteers - from left to right:

Mrs Nadia Mihai, Mrs Mihaela Florean, Mrs Samira Ali, 

Mrs Fadwa Jarir and Mrs Babar-Raja

“Hi, my name is Mihaela Florean and I have two children,  a girl in Year 3 and a boy in Reception.  I completed a Nurturing program and it was easy to contact Neena Patel and join the PEP group at Camrose.  I love to learn more about how the school works and help Romanian parents.  I feel I can support Romanian families at Camrose as well as everyone.”

“Hi, my name is Nadia Mihai and mu son is in Year 3.  I was a teacher in Romania so I always wanted to get involved in helping the school so the opportunity came at the ’Healthy Eating Workshop’ where I heard about PEP.  I contacted the school and now I am a member of an amazing team who are the bridge between the voice of the parents and the school.”

“My name is Samira, my child is in Year 1 and I recently started the Teaching Assistant level 2 course at Harrow College.  I met Neena Patel, the EAL leader at Camrose Primary School and it was easy for me to be a PEP member.  I enjoy my time to learn how the school system works and to communicate this with other PEP members and parents.”

“I am Fadwa, mother of 4 children, My eldest daughter was a Camrose student before moving to Canons High School and my other two children are in Year 4 & 5.  My youngest child will join Camrose in two years time.  I was one of the first PEPs who joined three years ago and I’m still enjoying what I do.  I was happy to be a part of the PEP group because I wanted to know what is happening at school and how the school are dealing with our children.  Therefore I spend some time helping in classes and I was really surprised by how much goes on behind the scenes in a school.  Being part of this group has helped me with my English and I have on many occasions interpreted for parent meetings as well as translated school information to children from Arabic backgrounds.”

“I am Mrs Babar Rajar and my daughter is in Year 6.  I joined the PEP group after my daughter moved to Camrose in 2017.  I wanted to know how the school supports new children in settling in. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of all the activities since I join in January 2018.  I had the opportunity to conduct a Healthy Eating survey and deliver a workshop for the parents in the summer term.  Interacting with other parents was an exciting experience for me.”