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At Camrose we believe that the teaching of Phonics is vital in order for children to become competent readers and writers.

The teaching of Phonics, at Camrose, is based on the 'Letters and Sounds' document, supported by 'Jolly Phonics' in the Foundation Stage. Children are taught to use the 'robot arms' or to 'stretch the word with their hands' to support their decoding of words (segmenting and blending).

Children recieve regular Phonics sessions in EYFS and Key Stage One. In Key Stage Two, those children in need of Phonics support recieve regular interventions.

We have a Phonics Lead who oversees interventions and supportds staff as required.


Phonics Screening Check


  • The phonics screening check is a statutory assessment for all children in Year 1.
  • It will take place week starting 12th June 2017.
  • It comprises of a list of 40 words (20 real and 20 nonsense).
  • Expectations from the Government is that pupils should achieve up to 32 out of 40 to reach the expected level.
  • The check will take about ten minutes per pupil and will be conducted by the class teachers.
  • Children who do not achieve the expected level at the end of Year 1 must be considered for a retake in Year
  • We will report the result of your child’s score out of 40 along with the % of children who have reached the expected level.  This must be reported to you by the end of the summer term hopefully by the second week in July.

  • Let your child see you read and read to them
  • Tell your child about interesting things that you have read in newspapers, magazines and books.
  • Visit the local library.
  • Visit bookshops.
  • Sit with your child every night and engage with them in their reading. Please make comments in their reading record book to assist the teachers.
  • Discuss with them about what they have read in the book.
  • Ask them to retell the story.
  • Talk about interesting words and identify words or interesting phrases that they might use in their writing.
  • Occasionally ask them to write the sequence of the story and identify characters.

Below are some links to websites and activities that can be used to help support your children's Phonics at home:

Website links for parents to support Phonics - a game to support reading and Phonics. - Phonics Screening past papers for parents to practise with their children. – Phonics Screening check video showing examples of children taking the test. – Segmenting and blending video for parents to see how to decodewords. - Phase 2 and 3 tricky words song – Phase 4 tricky words song – Phase 5 tricky words – Jolly Phonics phase 2 letter songs – Jolly Phonics Phase 3 songs - Reading tips for parents