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Pupil Premium Audit

5th July 2017


Carried out by: Executive Head / National Leader of Excellence

As part of the school development plan and the current attainment of Disadvantaged pupils by the end of KS2, we initiated an external Pupil Premium review. This took place during the Summer term of 2017.

Below is an overview of the review:

Summary of proposed trails

  • How effective is teaching and leadership with respect to dis students? (Specific questions are listed, below).
  • What impact is first wave teaching, as well as interventions, having on improving progress and attainment for dis pupils? How do leaders know? How effective are teaching assistants and teachers in providing regular, timely feedback to dis pupils?
  • How effective is the school’s work with PP families? How do leaders know?
  • How well focused are monitoring activities at all levels, particularly core subject leaders, with respect to improving outcomes for disadvantaged pupils?
  • How well do disadvantaged pupils behave? Any disproportionality between PP and others?

Key Activities

Discussion with Sharon Crick the HT and SLT will be:

  • Why did middle prior attaining dis pupils underachieve in 2016?
  • What is the strategy for helping dis students to improve literacy and numeracy across the curriculum? What is the impact?
  • Impact of new pp arrivals and the strategies to address this?
  • How effective are teaching assistants deployed to support pupils eligible for PP funding?
  • What impact are interventions for Dis pupils having?
  • How robust is accountability for PP at all levels? 
  • How do governors objectively hold the school to account for the impact of the additional funding on eligible pupils?
  • To what extent is the additional funding robustly monitored? How is provision for PP mapped?
  • Specific teaching tactics and strategies.
  • Use of PP voice.
  • SMART action planning for dis. Setting targets, short, medium and longer term. Numerical and qualitative.
  • Provision mapping and budget ring fencing.
  • Website.

Meeting with relevant governors

Learning walk – with Phase leaders - Eng. and Ma focus

Work scrutiny – sample of pp and non pp books - Eng. and Ma bks

Meeting with English and maths leads together

Meeting with attendance lead, learning mentor and DSL

Discussion with two groups of pupils. One group to be all PP and the other group to be all ‘others’.

Work scrutiny – sample of pp and non pp books – Science and other bks. 


Please click this link to access the outcomes / summary of this review