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At Camrose we use Google Classroom


Pupils are expected to log in daily (monday - Friday) and complete the work for each lesson as they would in a normal school day.

A copy of the daily timetable can be found in the MAIN PAGE room.

We have also included several video's showing you how to navigate Google Classroom including how to turn in work and upload photos, videos etc. These can also be found in the MAIN PAGE.

Click here for a parent guide to using Google Classroom

We have already sent home our Remote Learning Home School Agreement and a copy of it can also be found on the school parent App or by clicking the link below:


Remote Learning Home School Agreement

In Romanian

In Arabic


If you have any quieries or questions please call the school office or email the class teacher - email addresses are below:


Email address


Mrs Bryson

Miss Stephens / Mrs Nedyalkov 

Miss Maraj / Miss Gordon

Miss Turyan-Perry / Mrs Jotangia

Ms Goldstein / Miss Serafini

Mrs Jari / Mr Norman

Mr Miller / Miss Chrysostomou

Mrs Ramamurthy / Miss Hogberg

All other enquiries send to:

Remote education provision: information for parents

The information below is intended to provide clarity and transparency to pupils and parents or carers about what to expect from remote education where national or local restrictions require entire cohorts (or bubbles) to remain at home.

Please click here is read our full remote learning offer!

Offer in Romanian

Offer in Arabic

For details of what to expect where individual pupils are self-isolating, please see the final section of this page.


Parent letter: October 2020

Parent letter: 06-01-2021