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Dear parent / carer,

As you will be aware, schools have been asked to consider a plan for the possibility of reopening to some classes from 1st June.

We, like yourselves, have had to live with media speculation about this for weeks, and rest assured, receive no further indications of key decisions until you do. So plans have to be made ahead of time and frequently altered depending on what the latest guidance is. The decision to open schools to our very youngest children and year 6, has, as you can imagine, presented us with many challenges, all of them because of one key word - safety. That is our absolute priority, and I as head teacher cannot shirk from that responsibility towards your children, the staff, and yourselves. It is a privileged position leading on the welfare of your children at all times, and it is occupying my mind around the clock at the moment. The word ‘unprecedented’ has been used frequently about these times, and that sums up the situation for schools.

Risk can never be eliminated in any situation and right now, in the current crisis, not enough is yet known about this cruel virus and how it can be controlled to the point that the risk is acceptable for everyone. So when parents are asking me if the school will be safe when it re-opens, I cannot answer with a ‘yes, I can guarantee everyone will be 100% safe’. My truthful answer is that we will plan to reduce the risk as much as is possible, based on every aspect of the government guidance.

This guidance has now been published and we are looking at it carefully to ensure that we take all necessary action before any reopening. We will be communicating with you again before the school reopens for some year groups to explain in much more detail about how this will work, and how we will plan to keep the children and staff and yourselves as safe as we possibly can.

To help us understand how parents are feeling regarding the recent announcement, we have created a short survey for parents and carers of children to complete.

Please complete and email to by Wednesday 20th May

Your views on this are essential, in order for us to consider how many pupils we would be catering for if we reopen on 1st June.

Click here to download the survey

The government have also issued guidance for parents which can be found here:


Thank you for your continued patience and support at this really troubling time. Please continue to stay safe.

Kind regards,

Mrs S Crick