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Primary School



Pupil Groups At Camrose


The opinions of the children in Camrose are paramount in shaping the way the school works. The children are provided with plentiful opportunities to have a say in school life with children’s opinions regularly gathered in a variety of ways, for example, through surveys, questionnaires and discussions in class, in assemblies and during student group meetings. 

At Camrose there are a variety of pupil groups that meet regularly, for example, the School Council. Pupils also have a variety of leadership opportunities, for example, Play Leaders and Squad 19. This relates to ARTICLES 12 and 13 of the U.N. Convention of the Rights of the Child.

School Council

We have a strong and active School Council which consists of a group of students who have been elected by our classes to represent the views of the pupils and raise issues with the Senior Leadership and Governors of the School.

The School Council are involved in important decision making, for example, they:

  • take forward initiatives and projects on behalf of the pupils
  • are involved in the strategic planning of the School Improvement Plan

The School Council aims are as follows:

  • To ensure the Senior Management Team and Governors respond to the views of all the pupils
  • To have an opportunity to let teachers know pupils’ feelings and opinions
  • To have a say in decisions that affect pupils in the school
  • To play an active role in making Camrose Primary School a better place.

Squad 19

Safeguarding children is at the forefront of everything that we do at Camrose.  As we pride ourselves on being a Rights Respecting School, we have organised a squad of 19 children who's aim is to uphold article 19 of the Rights of the Child: namely, that every child has the right to be safe.

Members of Squad 19 are tasked with helping to keep each other safe in a number of ways: by leading by example; by being an extra pair of eyes and ears within the school environment; by carrying out safety specific duties and feeding back to staff, which in turn, promotes the pupils' voice.