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The Safe, Full Re-opening of Camrose

Our school has remained open throughout this pandemic for some children and, as from 3rd September, will be open again for ALL pupils.

I understand that some parents may still have concerns about their child returning to school but I assure you that everything possible is being done to ensure their safety as well as the safety of staff, parents and visitors.

Below is a copy of our Risk Assessment - please be aware that this is being continually up-dated in line with Government guidelines and will continue to be up-dated as we open to everyone in September.

Camrose Reopening Risk Assessment

We have rigorous programmes in place to maintain safety such as hand sanitiser stations, regular hand-washing, workstation cleaning, limiting the movement of children in school and keeping children in class groups so that if an infection was detected the  ‘test and trace’ method of prevention can be followed effectively.

By following the guidelines that the government has published to schools (you can read them here – ) we are continually risk assessing each and every classroom and learning space. The bottom line is if it isn’t safe, we won’t do it.

School is very much altered from when most of you last attended. The routines, the classrooms and the rules have all changed so that social distancing can be maintained for the safety of all.

Below are some of the changes you will encounter when you return to school which we hope will be in the very near future.


As you arrive, you will notice signs and floor markings reminding you to social distance.

Pupil start times are staggered to ensure groups do not congregate at the gate and social distancing is maintained.

Staff are positioned at the gates during drop off and pick up times.

Parents are not permitted on site without an appointment. This can be made by calling or emailing the office. 

Pupils visit the sanitiser station upon arrival to school.

This is an automated device so pupils do not touch anything, they merely hold their hands beneath the device and sanitiser falls into their open hands.

Classrooms are rearranged to ensure social distancing and all soft furnishing have been removed to ensure cross contamination is limited as much as possible.

Despite this, pupils continue to enjoy their time with their teachers and classmates.

Lunch times are also different. Our hall has been split into two sections. One for Reception pupils and the other for Year 1 pupils. 

Each sections contains three sets of eating areas, socially distanced apart.

No hot meals are provided. Pupils bring in their own packed lunch - this ensures no cross contamination.

Pupils are still able to enjoy socially eating although with a limited number of their friends. All pupils remain in their social group throughout the day, this includes whilst eating and playing outside.


Year 6 pupils dine in the cooking room.


All outdoor areas have been separated into smaller sections.

Each class group has a designated outdoor space for use during break and lunch time.

Year 6 pupils have the entire field area to themselves.

Each pathway is marked with red lines, distanced 2m apart.

At home time, pupils are brought to the gate by the teacher and line up on the lines whilst waiting to be collected by parents.

Each class group has a specific home time to ensure social distancing is maintained by both pupils and parents.


Although things have changed, we can assure you that we are doing everything we possibly can to ensure that your children are not only safe but also happy at school. We've kept as many routines as possible the same so the day is as familiar as it can be.

I can confidently, and very gladly say, that the children to date have been happy to be in school and have adapted to all of the changes amazingly well.