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Dear Parents/Carers


Following the Government announcement for a further national lock down to begin today: Thursday

5th November, I want to reassure you that we will be continuing to ensure the strictest of measures in order to keep your children, yourselves and our staff safe.  Some of these require you, as parents and members of our community, to do what you can to keep each other safe.

Whilst I appreciate the difficulties that the staggered times with different year groups makes for some, it is the only way we can get all the children in school quickly and safely. I would like to remind you all that we need to protect each other as ‘we are in it together’.

This means all parents to follow these basic but fundamentally important rules: 

  1. Only turn up at your time and not 5 minutes before.
  2. If you feel uncomfortable about queuing, then please stand on the other side of the road, away from others to keep yourselves safe and wait.
  3. If you queue, use the markers on the ground that mark 2m distance to stay 2m distance from the person in front of you.
  4. Wherever possible, only one adult to drop off/ pick up to reduce numbers.
  5. Please wear your masks at all times (unless you are exempt, please have proof)
  6. Those parents/carers waiting for the second drop off or collection time  do not congregate at the school entrance but make sure that this entrance is clear for those children who come into school and leave school sooner than others.

Please also appreciate that we all have anxieties about this situation and that the person in front of you may be feeling anxious and uncomfortable if you are standing too close.

From today, we would request that all visitors who come onto the school site to wear face masks/coverings. This includes any parents/carers dropping off children or collecting children from school. If these health and safety precautions are not adhered to then we will refuse entry.

I know that this second lock down is not ideal for everyone and will cause much anxiety for some families, but at least this time schools can remain open. We understand that as numbers are rising and it will take a number of weeks for these measures to start to take effect, then there will likely be incidences of self-isolation where your child is unable to come to school. At the very end of last term you would have received instructions of how to access Google Classroom in preparation for remote learning. Please, if you have not already, start preparing by familiarising yourself with Google Classroom. Pupils have already been trained on how to use this and SHOULD already be completing weekly homework via this platform.


Finally; a reminder of our Prime Minister's announcement that, from TODAY, we are in a national lockdown where you are to stay at home except for childcare or education purposes; for work ( if you cannot work from home); for exercise with one other; for medical appointments/ treatments; for shopping for basic necessities- food etc.

The guidance can be found here


Please click HERE for our latest Risk Assessment