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Online Websites to support Phonics Learning

1/ Google ‘Alphablocks’ which have videos with sound characters make words.
3/ Go onto U-TUBE and search for ‘segmenting and blending’ videos, choose a sound and search for a video for that sound, for example: ‘air sound video’, search for the tricky words song for Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4.
4/ Mr Thorne does Phonics.
7/ Espresso



Daily Website Links for Reception Parents

Segmenting and Blending Videos – ai, ee, igh, oa – ch, sh, th, ng – oo, ar, or, ur – air, ure, er – tricky word song Phase 2 – tricky word song Phase 3 – tricky word song Phase 4 – Phase 3 Phonics – alphablocks – numberblocks

9/ – phonics games
11/ /English-games

Websites to support Maths learning at home:

  1. Counting: U-TUBE: ‘Let’s count to 20’, ‘Count and move’, ‘Let’s get fit- count to 100’, ‘Learn to count to 100 with Spiderman’
  2. Doubling: U-TUBE: ‘Double number Zoo’
  3. 3d shapes: U-TUBE: ‘3d shapes I know’, ‘Name that shape’ ‘3d shapes’


Online websites to support Maths Learning:

Counting: “Let’s count to 20” “Count and move” “Let’s get fit. Count to 100” 2 Count to 100 with Spiderman”

Doubling: “Double number zoo”

 3 d shapes: “3D shapes I know” “Name that shape” “3d shapes”

Top marks (games online): “Toy shop money game” “The Gingerbread Man” “Caterpillar ordering” “Animals on the farm” (counting game)

Use Discovery Education- Expresso: go to

  • Foundation- Maths: Shapes
  • Foundation- Maths: Counting
  • Foundation- Maths: Problem solving


Visit to play fun Maths games such as:

  • Toy shop money game
  • Gingerbread Man game
  • Caterpillar ordering
  • Animals on the farm


Fitness Websites – Busy feet – Music and Movement – Music and Movement