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Primary School

Class 3GL and 3RS

Week 5 and 6 - please click on the underlined text for the activity sheets

Hello Year 3

We hope you are being really good children at home. Remember to do your school work and also help out at home. Maybe you can help tidy or hoover? Maybe you can help with cooking or washing up? Maybe you can help look after younger brothers and sisters? Or maybe you can TIDY YOUR BEDROOM!!!

Here are some activities to do….

English – there are 5 activity sessions to do during the next 2 weeks.

Read the TEXT and complete the activities.

Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3

Activity 4

Activity 5


Handwriting – we have given you a copy of our handwriting book. We have done some of these before – have another practise so you keep up your brilliant handwriting skills.

Maths – There are lots of times tables games for you to play. Try to play one every day. Also, carry on using Mathletics and TT Rockstars.

Science – You have an experiment to do using ice cubes and fruit! Look at the sheet for the instructions and record your results.

PHSERead the 6 bullying cards. Think about what you would do in each situation. Write your answers down or discuss it with an adult.

Art - It’s officially SPRING! You might see lots of blossom and daffodils as you go out for your daily walk. We have included some Spring Mindfulness Colouring to do.  Maybe you could play some relaxing music in the background as you colour them.

CHALLENGE – Try Ms Goldstein’s video challenge - linked in the left hand tool bar entitled educational videos

Take care and be good!


Ms Goldstein, Miss Serafini and Miss Laverty