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Primary School

Dear Parents , Carers and Pupils,

Mrs Halac and I hope you are well. We are thinking of you lots and looking forward to seeing you when school resumes.

Please  continue reading daily and matching numbers to amounts with everyday objects. Here are the latest activities to do during school closure:

Phonics and reading:

Please work out the Initial sounds for these cvc words.

Please play these I-spy games - set 1, set 2 and set 3


Please look through the slides of this powerpoint and count the objects for each scene.


Please find the shapes and add them. Click here

I Spy and Add Answers and Checklist 


Please continue these shape patterns 


Topic work- Plants and Animals:


Please could children make a poster about their favourite animal/s, they can draw these and cut out some pictures from magazines of them too.

If you have had success in growing your vegetable seeds, please record the plant’s progress using pictures.


Please use Espresso -Foundation-understanding the world section to explore these topics



New lifeBring spring into your school and learn about life cycles, baby animals and even how honey is made. This module contains a variety of resources from spring-themed worksheets to an animal sound gallery, to help cover a range of EYFS goals and teach your class about new life.


  AnimalsFind out what different animals look like and how they grow, move and eat.


Animals — Resource boxVideos, activities and photographs of animals found on farms, in the wild, underwater and flying through the air. Listening skills can be developed by solving the mystery animal sounds

Physical development:

Please continue to use the Cosmic Yoga site for stories linked to exercise for all the family-

 Thank you so much for your support.