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Primary School

Maths home learning


What to do

Times tables


Children to play with an adult, roll the dice and move a “counter” forward. Answer the multiplication or division question they land on.

Challenge: Can you correct your partner if they are wrong?

2 Times and Divide Board Game

3 Times and Divide Board Game

5 Times and Divide Board Game

10 Times and Divide Board Game

Place Value

Work through the Place value workbook (remember children can write answers on a different paper if you don’t have printer access!) remind children correct concepts of tens and ones

Use the work book answers to go through answers

Division facts

Remind children that they can use times tables facts to help with division e.g.18÷2=? I know that 2x___=18

Maths Practical challenges

Read the practical challenge sheet and choose 4 challenges to complete

OR print the challenge cards and cut up. Turn the cards over and pick challenges at random!

Practical challenges

Times tables

Children to attempt the tasks set, don’t forget, teachers are tracking progress online!

Discovery education

Log on to, click on Key stage 1, then click on maths. Children to have a go at each unit practising skills they have learnt/watch videos to support



Children to attempt the tasks set, don’t forget teachers are tracking progress online!









English home learning


What to do

Non-fiction research and presentation

Prepare a 1 minute talk about an animal of your choice.
Include information about:

  • -Where it lives
  • -What it eats
  • -What it looks like
  • -How it looks after its young
  • -Any other interesting facts

(Just like we’ve done in English and Science, so this should be easy peasy!)

Your parents can either record you and you can show the class when we’re back OR you could use these facts to make a poser to put on our Science display!


Go onto Karate Cats and complete the SPAG and spelling challenges:

Spelling Week 3- Words ending in –tion

See overview. Children to practice their spellings- ‘Look, Write, Check’. Then use a dictionary or google to find out the meanings of each of the spellings.

Challenge – Use the spellings in a sentence to show you understand their meaning.

Spelling Week 4- Contractions

See overview. Children to practice their spellings- ‘Look, Write, Check’.
Then write out the contraction and its full form. E.g. -  Can’t = Cannot, Won’t = Will not.
Challenge – Write sentences using as many of the contractions (correctly!) as you can.


Choose a poem to learn off by heart – you will perform it to the class when we return!

Challenge – Use intonation and emotion in your voice, add some actions and gestures to make it interesting!

PSHE linked

If you haven’t already, draw, colour, paint or decorate a rainbow to put in your window. Even though it’s a difficult and strange time, there are still things to be thankful for, have a think, talk to people at home then write what you’re thankful for during this time.










































Don’t forget to read every day!
Get your parents to sign your reading record books.
(Books are available on espresso and Twinkl, please see internet links below!)


Topic home learning


What to do

Science /


Continue from last fortnight - Where possible children to plant bean seeds, in a transparent pot or plastic cup and water. Children to keep a diary of the plant’s growth progress.


We hope you are remembering the importance of keeping your bodies fit and healthy and the importance of exercise. You must be exercising for at least an hour a day. Go for a walk, ride your bike or scooter or join Joe Wick on Youtube at 9am daily Monday-Friday!


We have found some Spring Mindfulness colouring sheets for you to complete. (press CTRL and click link) Take some time to listen to music and have some quiet time as you colour them in. Think of nice bright colours for the flowers.


Geog / English

My five sense scavenger hunt: children to find 10 different items; smooth, something rough, something that makes a noise, something round, something yellow, something that came from a plant, something that has a smell, something red, something soft and something man made.

Challenge: can you choose an item and write a description to describe the item WITHOUT saying what it is e.g. I have four legs, I am smooth, brown and strong. I am made of wood. What am I?  


Read the SPAG Sheet about the Great Fire of London . Use to research and complete activities on website


Watch the videos on Ramadan and Eid and the holy month of Islam. Complete the quizzes on them.


To follow on from your French calendar, go onto YouTube recap the months of the year with Alexa:

If you want to challenge yourself, you can recap the days of the week, there’s a quiz in there to test you too!