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Primary School

Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils

We hope you are well and look forward to seeing you soon. Please continue to read daily together and look for commonly occurring words such as ‘and, the ,went ,can..’.

Please use objects to explore different ways of making 10 ,for example: 7+3 or 6+4 or 5+5 .For a challenge -can you split 10 objects into 3 numbers for example 3+3+4 or 2+3+5?

Please find attached the next package of learning material to work through.

Thank you again for your support.


Reading and sequencing-

 Please watch these stories and draw a picture of :

-the animals you might find in a jungle.

-the animals that Floppy met.

The Magic Key - Biff of the Jungle Oxford Reading Tree ... 

The Magic Key - Floppy and the puppies Oxford Reading Tree Kipper Biff Chip Floppy


Please try out these sequencing games-


 Jack and the Beanstalk

Drag the pictures to put this story in order.​


Whose is it?

Help each of the three bears find their things.



Please watch these ‘jolly phonics’ songs and see how well you can remember the actions.

Please watch this power point and practise segmenting and blending the words

Please play this initial sounds I spy game



Please try out these matching and shape games


Matching pairs

Link all the muddled-up shoes to make pairs.


Match the shape

Can you find all the hidden shapes in the picture?


What’s inside?

It’s present time! Match the shapes to the presents.


Please watch these Numberjacks videos and make a poster about what you have learned .

   NUMBERJACKS | Into The Teens | S1E34 - YouTube

o   Views: 2M

   NUMBERJACKS | Seven Wonders | S1E7 - YouTube



Topic work/Art/Science:

Watch the story of the hungry caterpillar

Make a poster about the different foods that he ate . 

Watch this video

Can you make a model of a caterpillar and then make one of a butterfly?




Online Safety Reminder:

All of the children in our school are under the age of 13 therefore they should not be signed up to any social media apps. This includes YouTube. I understand that many parents will allow their children to watch videos on YouTube through their account or without signing in for entertainment as well as education. However if a child is watching videos by themselves, it is a good idea to install the free YouTube Kids app. YouTube Kids filters videos so that only age appropriate content is displayed. There is also a timer function that parents can set so screen time is limited. Find out more about YouTube Kids here:

Recommended channels available on YouTube Kids for education and entertainment:


·       Crash Course Kids

·       Homeschool Pop

·       National Geographic Kids

·       Netflix Jr

·       Ryan’s World


Music and Movement:

Please sing and dance to these songs-

Hungry caterpillar song- find out what the caterpillar is up to..

Penguin dance- can you dance like a penguin?

La Bamba- Find a partner for this song!

Music man- what instruments do you know how to play ?