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Primary School


A Poem for Year 6 children - class of 2020 🤗 🌈
Today is the day that SATs would have started,
The classroom set up and the tables parted,
The rules on the board, the display walls all covered,
Your workbooks away, out of sight in the cupboard,
Instead you are home, you’re doing your bit,
Protecting your families from getting sick,
It’s important right now, we’re in lockdown you see,
Being apart of world history,
You’ve all worked so hard, you should be so proud,
You’ve practised your SPAG and times tables out loud,
You’ve learnt algebra to the Nth degree,
And now the tests, they will no longer be,
Some may be sad that they can’t take the tests,
“Hip hip hooray,” I’ve no doubt said the rest,
Whilst the tests are on hold and you stay home this term,
Remember that tests can’t measure everything you learn,
And I don’t need SATs results to tell me,
How hard you have worked, it’s easy to see,
'Lockdown' Year 6, let me shout it out loud,
You’ve made all your teachers so very proud,
So please continue to learn, fill that brain up full,
And remember, we think you’re all wonderful! 💕


Dear Year 6,

It has been lovely to catch up again with some of you and find out how you are getting on! Please keep up the hard work – you are all doing so well. Here are your activities for week 7 and 8.


You have a selection of maths problem solving tasks where you will need to put your knowledge of taught concepts and methods to the test!

Planning a Holiday

Planning a Day Trip

Single step word problems

Multi step word problems

Problem solving – Money

These challenges may take you a while so please take your time and don’t rush.

Maths Challenge -Every Friday , a series of challenges will be set on BBC Bitesize Challenge to test your problem solving skills for which the answer will be released on the following  Monday. See how many your family and you can do together!

Visit for your weekly challenge


You also have (own username and password provided). We will continue to monitor your activity and progress.


English  -  My Rising Stars

            How to Login to My Rising Stars - 

Username – SAME AS your SATSBOOTCAMP username

Password – SAME AS your SATSBOOTCAMP password

         School centre ID – 186529


Cracking Comprehension

Activities – Fiction – A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

                       Non- Fiction –-World Records

                     Poetry - The Wind and the Moon by George MacDonald

Logging onto Reading Planet Online KS2 gives you access to an online library. Each eBook features an optional audio recording (with each word highlighted as it is read) and a variety of quizzes to check your understanding of what you have read.

SPAG - Active and Passive Verbs

Learn how to use passive and active verbs. Watch the two videos and complete the given activities.

This lesson includes: Two videos to help you understand passive and active verbs and three activities


SATS Bootcamp

Whilst you should have now reached the end of the daily tasks there are still plenty of resources for you to use. We are still able to monitor your progress online.



This week you will be investigating how muscles move the skeleton and how muscle activity requires increased blood flow. Watch the video ‘How do muscles and bones work?’.  Read the Muscle Fact sheet and answer the given questions. Learn the names of different Muscle groups and complete the activity chart.

(Note – There is no need to print out activity sheets. All written activities can be done in your rough book or on a plain sheet of paper)

Extension - Using the Muscle investigation instruction sheet make a model of your arm showing how your muscles work.

Additionally a weekly Science challenge will be set which can be by the whole family. This can be accessed under Parents/school closure pack/Science



This week you have a new challenge – recapping on your much loved Crime and Punishment topic you have to read the challenge below.

Y6 Crime and Punishment

How many points can you earn?


You can now access some wonderful Jigsaw activities on the website below and there is no password required.

You can access some lovely stories and activities you can do as a family. Also you have a chance to take part in the #JigsawBigSing which is a fun video project with lots of activities to follow too.



Now that we are lucky enough to have some lovely weather what better opportunity for you to make the most of your daily one hour of exercise. Go for a walk, ride your bike or scooter or join Joe Wicks on Youtube at 9am daily Monday-Friday!