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Primary School

English  -  My Rising Stars

The resources you will be using include: 
·   Rising Stars Reading Planet Online – an online reading library
·   Cracking Comprehension – Interactive text with comprehension questions

How to Login to My Rising Stars - 

Username – SAME AS your MATHLETICS username

Password – SAME AS your MATHLETICS password

 School centre ID – 186529


Select the resource - You will see buttons for each of the resources. Click on the button to open it.
Click here for further information on using Cracking Comprehension 

Click here for further information on using Reading Planet Online KS2

Activities- Once you log into Cracking Comprehension, you will be able to see the activities that have been assigned to you and the date that they need to be completed by. We are able to monitor your progress, check answers, mark longer answers and give you feedback for each of your tasks. Good luck!

Logging onto Reading Planet Online KS2 gives you access to an online library. Each eBook features an optional audio recording (with each word highlighted as it is read) and a variety of quizzes to check your understanding of what you have read.


Maths Challenge

We have set a variety of activities on Mathletics to be completed have (you have your own usernames and passwords). We will continue to monitor your activity and progress.



This week you have a new challenge – recapping on your much loved Ancient Egypt topic you have to read the challenge below.


You can now access some wonderful Jigsaw activities on the website below and there is no password required.

You can access some lovely stories and activities you can do as a family. Also you have a chance to take part in the #JigsawBigSing which is a fun video project with lots of activities to follow too.