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Primary School




Maths home learning


What to do

Maths skills


Play Karate Cats Maths. Click on how to play to listen to the instructions to play. Children can choose addition and subtraction or division and multiplication.  
(Click the link)

Showing numbers up to 100 in different ways

Watch the video from BBC Bitesize about finding the position of numbers on a number line using tens and ones (also known as units). Have a go at the activities on website.   (Click the link)


Times tables  

Children to choose a times table to practice

CHALLENGE: try hit the answer instead   (Click the link)



Children to attempt the tasks set, don’t forget teachers are tracking progress online!   (Click the link)

Times tables

From May 1st – May 15th there is a Year 2 competition between 2KP and 2JJ.
May the best class win!!

Don’t forget, we’re tracking progress online!   (Click the link)


Discovery education

Log on to, click on Key stage 1, then click on maths. Children to have a go at each unit practising skills they have learnt/watch videos to support   (Click the link)


Telling time

Watch the videos and complete activities on days, weeks, months and years.    (Click the link)








English home learning


What to do

Non-fiction - Letter

Write me a postcard or short letter!
I can’t wait to see how lovely your handwriting, spelling, punctuation and grammar has become! Once you’re done, pop it into an envelope and send it into school with your class teacher’s name:

Camrose Primary School

St David’s Drive



Then your class teacher will write back J
Don’t forget to send them before May 11th otherwise we won’t get them in time!

Can’t wait to hear from you all!!


SPAG – Writing and asking questions

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons: ‘Writing and asking questions’ (Year 2: April 21st lesson)

Follow the instructions on the link. You will need a pen and paper J   (Click the link)


Spelling Week 4  Contractions


Go over last week’s Week 4 spellings (contractions) and then go onto BBC Bitesize – ‘Small Town Superheroes’ – Steve – Contractions to see how much you’ve learnt!    (Click the link)

Spelling Week 5 Possessive apostrophe

See overview. Children to practice their spellings- ‘Look, Write, Check’. Then use a dictionary or google to
find out the meanings of each of the spellings.

Challenge – Watch the video and then complete the 2 activities on Espresso    (Click the link)



Make sure you’re staying on top of your Phase 5 Phonics using Espresso Discovery:   (Click the link)



BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons: ‘My favourite Story’ (Year 2: April 20th lesson)

Follow the instructions on the link. You will need a pen and paper J    (Click the link)


Extension activities:


Espresso Login:


Topic home learning


What to do


Follow the instructions for a PSHE lesson from our dreams and goals topic: People’s strength and feelings. Listen to the first part of the story, discuss, listen to the second part and complete the activities.    (Click the link)



Now you know your months of the year, you can begin learning how to say the different types of weather and seasons, with Alexa:    (Click the link)



Read the R.E project on designing a multi-faith prayer room.  Think about using the various religious symbols in your own design.

History / PSHE

Read London’s burning Power project sheet. Children to choose tasks within a box to earn the points allocated. Can you earn 5 points minimum.

Challenge: To gain more than 5 points



Quiz Plants-flowers

Children to complete the 10 question quiz about plants.   (Click the link)

Once child clicks an option, encourage children to read the explanation to reinforce learning.



Let's explore the UK!; children to watch the video welcome to the UK   (Click the link)

Once completed, pictures area available for the Capitals in the UK. Children to complete the activities on webpage. 


DT: Cooking

This quiz looks at some of the skills you need to do well in cooking. Like in other jobs, planning and preparing are important when cooking. You need to be very well organised. How well prepared are you to answer these ten quiz questions?   Once child clicks an option, encourage children to read the explanation to reinforce learning.



We hope you are remembering the importance of keeping your bodies fit and healthy and the importance of exercise. You must be exercising for at least an hour a day. Follow Joe Wick’s classes on Youtube at 9am daily Monday-Friday!   (Click the link)


Don’t forget to read every day!
(Get your parents to sign your reading record books too!)