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Primary School

Dear Year 6,

Hope you are all doing fine? Well done to those of you who have been completing your weekly activities and handing in your sheets. Here are your activities for week 9 and 10.


Mystery of the missing knight  - Maths mystery Game

Solve the mystery and find out which guest found the whereabouts of missing Saint George.

These challenges will use some of the may take you a while so please take your time and don’t rush.

Maths Challenge -Every Friday , a series of challenges will be set on BBC Bitesize Challenge to test your problem solving skills for which the answer will be released on the following  Monday. See how many your family and you can do together!

Visit for your weekly challenge


Tarzia Puzzle - Create your own Tarzia puzzle  using the given Tarzia Instruction Sheet . Use these to challenge your friends with when you are back at school.


You also have (own username and password provided). We will continue to monitor your activity and progress.


English  -  My Rising Stars

            Cracking Comprehension

Activities – Fiction – The Pheonix and the Carpet –E.Nesbit

                       Non- Fiction - Evolution

                     Poetry – The Windmill – W.H Auden

Logging onto Reading Planet Online KS2 gives you access to an online library. Each eBook features an optional audio recording (with each word highlighted as it is read) and a variety of quizzes to check your understanding of what you have read.

SPAG  - Hyphens and Dashes

Watch the two videos and complete the given activities.

This lesson includes: Two videos to help you understand passive and active verbs and three activities


Writing – Write a film review about the latest film that you have watched.



SATS Bootcamp

Whilst you should have now reached the end of the daily tasks there are still plenty of resources for you to use. We are still able to monitor your progress online.



Thw topic this half term is ‘Evolution and Adaptation’.

This week  you will be learning how to identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways.

Click here to learn all about adaptation in animals and plants and complete the given activities.


Additionally a weekly Science challenge will be set which can be enjoyed  by the whole family. This can be accessed under Parents/school closure pack/Science



Follow the link to the BBC daily lesson:

You need to follow the instructions and watch the videos. They will show you how a piece of artwork can tell a story. Challenge:  Once you have created your piece of artwork you need to write a short story to accompany your piece of art.


Can you create a rap to emphasise the importance of keeping family,friends and others safe at these times. Encourage people to wash their hands, maintain social distancing ( by keeping  2 metres apart), stay home, save lives. You can think about the rhyming patterns, the rhythm and the beat. We look forward to hearing them.



Visit this website and try to incorporate at least 2/3 videos a day. They are a great way to learn or revisit something and also get moving! You don’t need lots of space and they keep you active!