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Year 3 Home Activities



-Daily reading for 15 minutes – please get an adult to sign your reading record book

-Choose a poem to learn off by heart – you will recite it to the class when we return.

-Prepare a 1 minute talk about an animal of your choice. Include information about

  • Where it lives
  • What it eats
  • What it looks like
  • How it looks after its young
  • Any other interesting facts

-Write a story –choose from one of the following titles

  • The Magic Key
  • The Invisible Child
  • The Day Everything Was Opposite
  • My Adventure In Space



Practise your times tables daily – using TT rock stars

Using Espresso - Complete “Times Tables Tester” 10 minutes daily or you could use “Hit The Button”



                   Username: Student22919

                   Password: Camrose8

Complete revision tasks using “2D Shape/3D Shape – Lower”

Complete a “Shape Search” – look around your house and list all the things that you find which are cubes/cuboid/sphere/cylinders


Using large paper, design and create a “Snakes And Ladders” game.

Play the game with your family.


Cook something with your parents. Use your reading and measuring skills when doing so.

Geography - Research Poster - Choose a country

On large paper, research information and create a poster about that country.

Information might include

  • Language
  • Food
  • Landmarks
  • Flag
  • Food
  • Currency

Science -

Make a healthy sandwich at home.

Write a set of instructions to show how to make it. Remember to include ingredients.

Optional task -On a paper plate, make a healthy balanced meal. Remember the portions that the different food groups should be on the plate.

Art/DT – design a healthy snack

Draw it and create a poster advert to persuade people to buy it.

Remember to include – ingredients/price/why it is healthy/wow words/persuasive language


You can also look at “” to play educational games.


R.E. - Make an Eid or an Easter card.


Year 3 French

Click for activity resource & poster template

Create their self profile poster by adding the 9 sentences and the picture on wanted poster (PICTURE NEEDS TO SHOW YOU WITH DETAILS FROM SENTENCES)