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Dear Parents/Carers,

In light of recent events and the unfortunate closure of Camrose, Year 5 have provided a list of work and activities for the children to do, keeping them busy and ensuring they stay on top of their progress. There will be a number of activities, worksheets and ideas on the school website, however we have a list of possible projects included on this sheet. We will be collecting in everything the children have done once school resumes.




  • Write a story with similar themes to Frankenstein or Oranges in No Man’s Land.
  • Comprehension sheets for Oranges in No Man's Land.
  • Write a diary entry about the day you got superpowers.
  • Write a newspaper report about your invention (see Science task).



  • Following our Art topic of people in motion, draw/paint a picture to show movement.


  • Mathletics/Times Tables Rock Stars.


  • Copy the 7 sentences onto a storyboard and add pictures for weather/ place and transport.
  • Create some posters of any topics of their choice using espresso, to complete some activities and create a mind map of the vocabulary they see.


  • Research and create a booklet on Ancient Egypt, including gods and goddesses, pharaohs, food, clothing, etc.


  • Ensure that children are exercising for at least an hour per day. Go for a walk, play football, ride a bike etc.


  • Children have been learning about the effects of alcohol and smoking on the body. Research and create a poster detailing the effects of these.


  • Create an information leaflet about your chosen religion.


  • Properties of materials – invent a brand new product to sell. Draw, label and explain how your invention works, then give reasons for your choice of materials.



Please ensure children are reading every day and remaining on top of their education. Year 5 children have made excellent progress so far and we would love this to continue. We hope you all remain safe and we will see you once school resumes.