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On this page you will find resources to use at home with your child.

This will be up-dated regularly, so please check at least once a week for new resources.

English, Maths and SPaG (all children have been provided with their own username and password)

Children log in and click ‘Revise’ – there are 25 daily revision tasks for both Maths and SPAG. The expectation is for your child to complete the daily task to prepare them for their upcoming SATs.

Additionally, under ‘Practice SATs tests’ children can access papers for reasoning, arithmetic, reading and spag.

As teachers, we can monitor their activity and progress online.  Moreover, the ‘Test Yourself’ tasks are marked electronically and your child can see which questions they got right or wrong.  Then they are given a chance to repeat the test once they have revisited the ‘LEARN’ section, to consolidate their learning.

Maths (all children have been provided with their own username and password)

In addition to ‘sats bootcamp’ we recommend children regularly access Mathletics to revisit taught concepts and topics.  Once again, we are able to monitor their activity and progress.

English: Please reading 'Holes' by clicking here!

Holes: Children will be required to write a letter of response from Stanley’s Mum to the letter they recently wrote in character to her.  It is an informal letter so should follow the success criteria below:

Success Criteria

I can include the features of an informal letter.

I can demonstrate the character thoughts and feelings in my writing.

I can include:

Adverbial starters, coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, modal
verbs, synonyms and varied punctuation.

I can organise my writing into paragraphs.

I can use active and passive voice.

I can use figurative language in my writing - similes, metaphor


Possible ideas: Stanley’s father has created a successful invention, Mum gives him advice on how to survive, Mum will try to rescue him.


‘The Human Body – How to keep it healthy?’ – Children must research and use what they have been learning in school to produce an Explanation text on how we keep our bodies healthy. 

A balanced diet including different food groups and their functions, importance of exercise and how often, drugs and alcohol, role of the heart and keeping our body healthy. It is an explanation text so should follow the success criteria: introduction, rhetorical questions, scientific vocabulary, labelled diagram, sub- headings and clearly explained sections.


Design a leaflet advertising your beach resort incorporating appropriate coastal management strategies that they have recently learnt about. For example- Sea walls, Groynes, Revetments and Gabions. You should include why your resort is safe for visitors.


Design a healthy menu for a French restaurant using your French vocabulary to help.