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Camrose Primary School

Parents Empowering Parents (PEP)

​We would like to warmly introduce you to our

parent volunteers

Alida Preotescu, Amel Abdoune, Lidia Botosan, Omnia Rifi and Nadia Sakhi


Our PEP parents are an integral part of the school and provide support to our community of parents, especially for those where English is not the first language. We currently have five PEP parents who between them can speak: Arabic, French, Romanian, Spanish, Pashto, Dari, Urdu and Hindi.

These parents are volunteers who have committed to supporting the school on a regular basis. Over the coming months they will: plan and deliver workshops, provide home language support where necessary to our parents and children, update the parent board in the playground and update the PEP section on the school website.

Please feel free to speak to any of our volunteers to find out more about the work they do and feel free to approach them if you need support. They can be clearly identified by their ‘purple volunteer lanyards’.

Mrs N. Patel
EAL Leader


A message from our parent volunteers

We are part of PEP (Parents Empowering Parents), a group of five parents from different communities (Romanian, Arabic and Afghani). We are volunteers who try to be a link between parents and the school.

We will support Camrose to deliver workshops that will be beneficial for parents and their children.

If you need help you can always approach us in the playground. We are easily recognised as we will be wearing volunteer lanyards and we are always happy to help.

READ about our PEP parents Achievements and successes

Amel Belhadj


The first step I took was to become a PEP volunteer at Camrose Primary School. This gave me self-confidence. I then started to attend some courses like the online parenting program. I have completed an English Level 3 speaking/listening, reading and writing course and am currently attending a Functional English Level 3 course and working towards a Certificate of Learning Support Assistant.

Lidia Botosan

I have been volunteering as a PEP parent since 2021. This experience has been really rewarding because I have had the chance to work with parents and children. We run a Parent Surgery once a week on a Friday morning where we ask parents for their opinions on school topics and translate and interpret for anyone who needs it. Furthermore, on Thursday after school, I help the EAL leader run a parent and child homework club. This summer I look forward to helping the school organise the Summer Fair. As of January 2024, I am now working as a Teaching Assistant at Camrose. This opportunity has boosted my confidence and made me more empathetic towards my peers.

Alida Preotescu

I started volunteering as a PEP parent in 2022. Since then, I have assisted with interpreting for parents and teachers as well as translating various letters that are sent to parents, helping improve communication between the school and parents. I have gained a deeper understanding of the efforts made to educate our children as well as improved my confidence in public speaking skills through workshops. I was inspired to look for a new career as a Health Ambassador and Project Support Worker. 

Omnia Rifi

I am a software engineering student with good analytical and problem-solving abilities, which I hope will be useful in my role as a PEP volunteer. My motivation for volunteering stems from my wish to make a mindful contribution to the school community while simultaneously expanding my knowledge and experience. I want to work with educators to obtain an understanding of the inner workings of the school so that I can share this with parents of Camrose. The chance to develop and learn while also giving back to the community excites me. 

Nadia Sakhi

My name is Nadia and I am from Afghanistan. I have four children. My first language is Dari but I can speak Pashto Urdu, Hindi and English.  When I came to Camrose Primary School for volunteering I was not working but now I am a voluntary Teaching Assistant at Dale Avenue Nursery. I am also going to college 3 days a week to improve my English Language and I attend ESOL classes at Camrose for English. It started in February. My life has now changed because of my seniors. I also have very good confidence with very good experience as a volunteer at Camrose and Dale Avenue. I sincerely thank everyone who helped me with all the things I struggled with. Thank you


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